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Coffee House



Our Heritage Brewed
into Each and Every Cup

Since 1993, we've dedicated ourselves to roasting and delivering the freshest, most flavorful cup of coffee available in the bay area.

We remain connected to our Nicaraguan roots by working with small plantations much like the one started by our family in the Matagalpa mountains during the 1960's. It was here, as children, that our parents played among the rows of coffee trees that would become their livelihood and passion.

Today, that passion has been passed down to a new generation with four retail stores and a roasting plant in San Francisco to continue honoring our heritage.


Community Driven

Our commitment to our daily grind starts with the workplace and community. Our joyful environment and transparent operation allow us to attract and retain our best attribute. Our people are the kindest, most hard working 

individual in the service industry, who ensures your visit is always a pleasant one.

As an enthusiastic community advocate, we contribute to our immediate neighborhood well-being, as we are only a reflection of our own birthplace. Our coffee houses also offer an array of in-house prepared breakfast and lunch, as well as locally baked pastries. 


Roasted and Delivered
Fresh to your Door

Roasting the finest coffees from around the world has been our passion since 1993 and it's sure reflected on the cup we serve. 

From light roasted Indonesian delights to dark roasted Peruvian excellence... Our local roasting practices in junction with our inherited coffee knowledge allows us to serve a robust and flavorful cup of coffee or espresso. 

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